Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mark the Shark, Barrett's new bath pal!

He got this from Sugee and loves to play with it when he takes a bath.

More pictures from Cortney Russell Photography, Lubbock Texas..

He would not sit still!

More Pictures by Cortney Russell Photography!

Barrett's 18 Month Pictures

Cortney Russell of Cortney Russell Photography took Barrett's 18 month pictures and they are so cute. I don't know how she did it. He was not very cooperative and she still came out with some great ones.

If you would like to order pictures just go to Cortney Russell Photography, go under online ordering or clients. Click on Sweet Peas and you will see Barrett. Password is Sugarek.

Easter Pictures!

Well, Barrett had a good time hunting eggs. Although, he would throw them like a baseball towards his basket. It was pretty funny.

After the lake, Sugee got to come and stay with us and Barrett cried when she left. He loved spending time with her.

Barrett is a growing boy!

Well, Barrett has changed so much since my last blog. We went to the lake, had Easter, got a new hair cut and had more pictures taken. Oh, and we sold our house. It has been really busy around our house.

Barrett loves to dance. It is quite hilarious. He loves to say gog,guck and fishhhhhhhhhhhhhh. He says alot of other things that we just can't quite understand. He is getting along better with his friends at daycare. We have not had a biting incident since he chased his friend down after they stole his Easter Egg. He makes us so happy. The next trip we have planned is to the Frio the first part of June. Hope all of you are doing well.

Sunday, February 8, 2009